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    Ice-cream maker - Cooking preparation

    An ice turbine, also known as an ice cream maker or ice cream machine, is an electrical appliance designed to prepare ice cream, sorbets and frozen desserts in a simple and fast way. These machines allow you to create custom homemade ice creams with flavors and ingredients of your choice.

    Here is a description of the different styles of ice turbines and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Autonomous Ice Turbine: This style of ice turbine is a self-contained unit that includes an integrated cooling bowl. You prepare your ice cream mixture, pour it into the bowl, and the machine will cool

    Magimix -  - Ice Cream Maker

    To enjoy an ice cream at any time without having to wait or find THE trader who will have THE ice ...

    Magimix -  - Ice Cream Maker

    Choose your perfume, the Ice Turbine will do the rest, in about 30 minutes. As in professional ...

    Price upon request
    Magimix - le glacier - Ice Cream Maker

    Compact and round, Le Glacier makes it possible to make 100% natural ice. 10 to 12 hours in the ...

    Price upon request
    Roller Grill - turbine a glace - Ice Cream Maker

    Turn on the switch and pour in the ingredients. The device cools them down and works them ...

    Price upon request
    Lagrange -  - Ice Cream Maker

    Lagrange's 1.2-L Creativ® Ice Turbine lets you make delicious homemade sorbets and ice creams! Fast, ...

    H.KOENIG -  - Ice Cream Maker

    Think of the 1h store withdrawal: it's simple, fast and 100% free!

    Lagrange -  - Ice Cream Maker

    With the Creativ' Lagrange ice turbine, making homemade ice cream has never been easier! With a self ...

    LIVOO -  - Ice Cream Maker

    Capacity 1.2L 1 removable stainless steel tank 3 modes: Ice, mixing and cooling Ice made in 60 ...

    Diamond Sofa - turbine à glace 1421561 - Ice Cream Maker
    Diamond Sofa

    - Pastoturbine multifunction to mix, heat, pasteurize, cool and strap all creams, sauces and mix. - ...

    2 déclinaisons

    Diamond Sofa -  - Ice Cream Maker
    Diamond Sofa

    Vertical turbine with automatic extraction B749. Water condenser. Minimum mixing capacity 7 bed. and ...

    Diamond Sofa - machine à glaçons 1421564 - Ice Cream Maker
    Diamond Sofa

    Vertical turbine with automatic extraction. B749. Minimum mixing capacity 4 bed. and maximum 8 bed. ...

    ... and stir it to get a creamy consistency.

    European manufacturers of autonomous ice turbines: Magimix (France), Nemox (Italy).
    Cold Storage Ice Turbine: This type of ice turbine requires the prior preparation of the cooling bowl that you place in the freezer for several hours before using it. Once cooled, the bowl is inserted into the machine, and the ice cream mixture is added for preparation.

    European manufacturers of cold storage ice turbines: KitchenAid (Italy), Cuisinart (UK).
    Professional Ice Turbine: Professional ice turbines are designed for intensive use and are often used in restaurants, artisanal ice cream parlours and pastry shops. They are powerful and can produce large amounts of ice cream quickly.

    European manufacturers of professional ice turbines: Carpigiani (Italy), Gel Matic (Italy).

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