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    Plate warmer drawer - Kitchen furniture

    Dish warmer drawers, also known as warming drawers or plate warmer drawers, are kitchen appliances designed to heat and keep warm plates, dishes or cutlery before serving a meal.

    Drawer Drawer Styles:

    Built-in plate warmer drawer: This type of drawer is designed to be recessed into the kitchen worktop, creating an integrated and uncluttered look. It can be used to heat plates and cutlery before serving a meal.

    Table top warming drawer: The table top warming drawers are independent models that can be placed on the counter or in a kitchen cabinet. They offer more flexibility in terms of


    Multi compartment plate warmer drawer: Some plate warmer drawers are equipped with multiple compartments, which allows different types of plates or dishes to be heated at the same time, while maintaining their respective temperature.

    European manufacturers of drawer heaters:

    Miele (Germany): Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end household appliances, including tray drawers with advanced features.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch, also based in Germany, offers high-quality hot plate drawers, including built-in models.

    Siemens (Germany): Siemens is another well-known German brand that manufactures plate warmer drawers for modern kitchens.

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