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    Fruit press for jam - Mincing and grinding machines

    A jam squeezer is a kitchen utensil specially designed to extract juice or pulp from fruit, usually cooked, for the purpose of preparing jam, jelly or other fruit preparations. This tool makes it possible to obtain a liquid rich in flavor and pectin from fruits, which is essential for the manufacture of homemade jams.

    Use of jam press:

    Fruit preparation: Wash, peel and cut the fruit into pieces. For stone fruits (such as cherries), remove the stones.

    Cooking Fruits: Place the fruits in the cooking bowl and cook them until tender.

    Pressing: Operate the handle or handle to press the

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    ... cooked fruit. The juice or pulp is extracted and flows into the collection bin.

    Benefits of jam juicer:

    Effective Extraction: They effectively extract juice or pulp from cooked fruits.

    Flavour Preservation: They preserve the natural flavours of the fruit, resulting in delicious homemade jams.

    Seed Removal: Filter models remove seeds and debris, leaving a clear liquid.

    Ease of use: They are designed to be easy to use, even for beginners in the kitchen.

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