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    Pastry grille - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A baking rack, also known as a cooling rack or baking rack, is an essential kitchen accessory used to cool or drain pastries and baked goods after they are cooked.

    Baking racks:

    Foot grates: Foot grates are the most common. They are made of horizontal metal or stainless steel bars and are raised by feet to allow air circulation under pastries. This allows cooked products to cool evenly and prevent them from becoming wet by resting on a flat surface.

    Roll-up grid: Roll-up grids are designed to save storage space. They can be folded into accordions for easy storage when

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    ... not in use. These grids are often made of stainless steel and offer a stable cooling surface.

    Adjustable grid: Some pastry grids are equipped with adjustable brackets that allow you to change the tilt angle of the grid. This can be useful to easily slide cooled pastries onto a baking sheet or dish without damaging them.

    Renowned European manufacturers of baking racks:

    Kaiser (Germany): Kaiser is a German brand of baking products, including high-quality baking racks.

    Gobel (France): Gobel is a French company specializing in pastry utensils, including baking racks.

    Patisse (Netherlands): Patisse is a well-established Dutch brand that offers a variety of cooking utensils, including baking racks.

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