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    Dessert place setting - Knife and fork sets

    Entremet cutlery is a tableware specially designed to enjoy entremets, which are light and elegant desserts often served between meals. These cutlery are designed to offer a pleasant and precise tasting experience of these sweet delights. The main types of entremet cutlery are described below:

    Entremet fork: The entremet fork is generally smaller than the traditional meal fork. It has fine and delicate teeth, designed to accurately capture portions of desserts such as mousses, puddings, creams and other sweet creations. The smaller size allows you to enjoy each bite with finesse.

    Entremet spoon: The entremet spoon is also smaller than

    ... the standard tablespoon. Its small size allows you to take moderate portions of desserts without a hitch, while offering an elegant tasting experience. The shape of the spoon is often rounded to facilitate the tasting of light and delicate textures.

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