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    Fat-separating gravy ladle - Spoons

    Fat and lean sauce spoons are traditional tableware used to serve different parts of sauce, usually for culinary or gastronomic purposes. The use of these spoons may vary depending on specific cultures and traditions.

    Here is a general explanation of what these terms mean:

    Fat Sauce Spoon: A fat sauce spoon is used to serve richer and thicker sauces, such as creamy sauces, butter sauces, cream sauces, cheese sauces, and other thick sauces. These sauces often have a richer texture and a thicker consistency.

    Lean Sauce Spoon: A lean sauce spoon is used to serve lighter and less rich sauces,

    ... such as dressings, broth sauces, light yogurt or fruit juice sauces, and other more fluid sauces. These sauces usually have a lighter texture and a more fluid consistency.

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