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    Oven dish - Dishes

    A roasting dish is an essential kitchen utensil designed to roast meat, poultry, vegetables and other foods in the oven. There are different sizes, shapes and materials of roasting dishes to meet various cooking needs. Here is a description of the different styles of roasting dishes and some renowned European manufacturers:

    Styles of roasting dishes:

    Rectangular roasting dish: The most common style of roasting dish is rectangular, with straight edges. It is ideal for cooking roasts, whole poultry, potatoes, vegetables and other large dishes. Rectangular roasting dishes offer a large cooking surface and can be equipped with handles for easier

    ... handling.

    Oval roasting dish: Oval roasting dishes have a softer shape and are often used to cook irregularly shaped roasts, whole ducks and other poultry. They are also suitable for table presentation.

    Roasting dish with grill: Some roasting dishes come with a removable grill that allows you to raise the meat above the cooking juice. This promotes more even cooking and allows fat to drain, creating healthier dishes.

    Cast Iron Roasting Dish: Cast iron roasting dishes offer excellent heat retention and are perfect for slow cooking and braising. They can also be used to sear meat at high temperature on the stove, and then transferred to the oven.

    European manufacturers of roasting dishes:

    The Crucible, Emile Henry, Pillivuyt...

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