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    Marinade set - Various kitchen and cooking items

    A marinade set is a set of kitchen utensils and accessories designed to prepare, season and marinate food, especially meat and vegetables, before cooking. These sets are designed to simplify the marinating process by providing convenient tools to mix, store and apply the marinade.

    Different marinade set styles:

    Basic marinade set: It usually includes a bowl, a brush and possibly a marinade injector. It is an ideal choice for those who want to start with basic tools for pickling.

    Advanced Marinade Set: This type of set can include additional features like vacuum bags, airtight storage containers of different sizes and

    ... mixing accessories.

    Electric Marinade Set: These sets sometimes include a dedicated electrical appliance to mix and heat the marinade, which can speed up the marinating process.

    Renowned European manufacturers of marinade sets:

    Tupperware (Switzerland): Tupperware is a Swiss brand renowned for its plastic food storage products. They offer marinade sets with airtight containers and mixing accessories.

    WMF (Germany): WMF is a renowned German company in the field of kitchen utensils. They make high quality marinade sets.

    Bodum (Denmark): Bodum is a Danish brand known for its elegant kitchen products, including marinade sets.

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