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    Fake marble - Imitations

    Fake marble, also known as artificial marble, is a material created to imitate the appearance of natural marble. It is made from various compounds such as resin, cement, pigment, and sometimes real marble particles.

    The manufacturing process of fake marble typically involves mixing resin and cement to form a paste, to which pigments are added to achieve the desired color. Special techniques are used to create veins and patterns similar to those found in natural marble. Once the paste is prepared, it is poured into molds to form slabs, tiles, or other desired shapes.

    Fake marble offers several advantages over

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    ... natural marble. It is generally less expensive, lighter, and easier to handle and install. Additionally, it is often available in a greater variety of colors and patterns than natural marble, allowing for more customized results.

    However, it should be noted that fake marble does not possess the same physical properties as natural marble. It is less resistant to scratches, heat, and chemicals. Furthermore, it may degrade more quickly over time and lose its original appearance.

    Fake marble is commonly used in interior decoration, including for flooring, kitchen countertops, bathrooms, fireplaces, and decorative elements. Its use allows for the marble look at a more affordable cost, but it is important to consider its limitations and maintenance requirements when using it.

    Here are some companies that specialize in the production of fake marble coatings and products:

    1. Granitifiandre (Italy): Granitifiandre is an Italian manufacturer that offers a wide range of ceramic tiles imitating natural marble. Their products combine the aesthetic appearance of marble with the technical advantages of ceramics.

    2. Fiandre (Italy): Fiandre is an Italian company specialized in the production of ceramic porcelain floorings and wall coverings. They provide collections of fake marble with highly realistic finishes.

    3. Casalgrande Padana (Italy): Casalgrande Padana is an Italian company renowned for its high-quality ceramic tiles. They offer a range of products imitating natural marble, with great attention to detail and textures.

    4. Marazzi (Italy): Marazzi is a well-known Italian manufacturer of ceramic tiles and floorings. They offer fake marble tiles in different shades and patterns, faithfully reproducing the appearance of natural marble.

    5. RAK Ceramics (United Arab Emirates): Although based in the United Arab Emirates, RAK Ceramics is an established international manufacturer of ceramic tiles. They offer a variety of fake marble tiles, providing elegant and realistic designs.

    6. Sicis (France): Sicis is a French company specialized in mosaic coverings. They offer fake marble mosaic tiles that are manufactured with great precision to imitate the appearance and texture of natural marble.

    7. Compac (France): Compac is a French manufacturer of quartz and reconstituted marble surfaces. Their products offer a realistic alternative to natural marble, with a wide variety of colors and finishes.

    8. Neolith (France): Neolith is a French company specializing in the production of ultra-compact ceramic surfaces. Their product range includes fake marble finishes with realistic patterns and textures.

    9. Marbre Création (France): Marbre Création is a French company that focuses on creating products made of reconstituted marble. They offer high-quality fake marble floorings, countertops, and other products.

    10. Rocalia (France): Rocalia is a French trade show dedicated to natural stones and construction materials. They showcase French manufacturers and suppliers who offer quality fake marble products.

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