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    Chef's hat - Textile

    A chef’s hat is a headgear traditionally worn by chefs for reasons of hygiene and tradition. Chef hats are usually white and have different heights and styles, which often indicate the status and role of a chef in a kitchen.

    Here is a description of the different styles of chef hats and some famous European manufacturers:

    High hat: The high hat is the classic and iconic hat worn by chefs. It is usually white and has a tall, cylindrical shape. The height of the toque is often used to indicate the leader’s rank and experience. More experienced chefs often wear

    ... a higher hat.

    Low hat: The low hat, also known as "calot," is a shorter version of the high hat. It is often worn by apprentices and less experienced chefs. It covers the head but does not have the same height as the high hat.

    Pleated Toque: The pleated toque has decorative folds that give it an elegant texture and appearance. It is often worn by top chefs in gourmet restaurants.

    Disposable paper toque: In some professional kitchens, disposable paper toques are used for hygiene reasons. They are convenient because they can be discarded after use.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of chef hats and kitchen uniforms include:

    The New Chef (Netherlands): The New Chef offers a full range of kitchen uniforms, including chef hats.

    Hot Front (Netherlands): Hot Front specializes in high-end kitchen uniforms, including chef hats.

    Simon Jersey (UK): Simon Jersey offers a variety of kitchen uniforms, including hats, for catering professionals.

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