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    Sliding towel holder - Hooks

    A sliding tea towel holder is a kitchen accessory designed to store and organize kitchen towels in a convenient and accessible way. It offers a stylish solution to keep the tea towels handy, keep them dry and clean, and save space in the kitchen. Sliding tea towel holders are often attached to the inside of a closet or drawer, allowing them to be hidden when not in use.

    Quality Materials

    Sliding tea towel holders are usually made from durable and easy-to-clean materials, such as metal, plastic or wood. The choice of material often depends on the aesthetics of the kitchen

    ... and personal preference.

    Designs Adapted to Different Spaces

    The sliding tea towel holders are available in a variety of designs to fit different kitchen spaces. They can be installed inside a closet, drawer, or even under a sink.

    Renowned European Manufacturers:

    Hettich (Germany): Hettich is a German company specializing in hardware and furniture systems, including high-quality sliding tea towel holders.

    Blum (Austria): Blum is an Austrian hardware company that offers interior design solutions, including innovative sliding towel racks.

    Hafele (Germany): Hafele is a German company that supplies accessories for furniture and kitchens, including practical sliding tea towel holders.

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