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    Recycling bin - Around the sink

    Recycling bins are containers specially designed to facilitate the sorting and selective collection of waste, so as to effectively separate different types of recyclable materials from non-recyclable waste.

    Characteristics of waste bins:

    Multiple Compartments: Waste bins have several compartments or bins, each of which is intended for a specific type of recyclable material, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal, organic waste, etc.

    Colour Codes: Each compartment is usually associated with a colour code to facilitate the identification of recyclable materials. For example, blue is commonly used for paper, yellow for plastic, green for glass, etc.

    Lids or Labeling: Some

    Wesco -  - Recycling Bin

    Pull-out waste bin with two large inserts of 32 litres each. In them, e.g. residual waste and paper ...

    Hailo -  - Recycling Bin
    Price upon request
    JOSEPH JOSEPH -  - Recycling Bin

    New IntelligentWaste' category, designed to meet the diverse waste sorting and recycling needs of ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    SIMPLEHUMAN - butterfly 30l - Recycling Bin

    The solid pedal activates the simultaneous opening of the half-covers. Smooth closure with exclusive ...

    157.50 € approx.
    Hailo - à pédale, 2x11l - Recycling Bin

    Hailo Tri Selective, pedal bin, 2x11l Selective Tri trash in rectangular shape It has 2 compartments ...

    Price upon request
    Hailo - 19 + 11l - Recycling Bin

    Hailo, Tri Selective 19 - 11L Rectangular Selective Tri Bin with Pedal Aperture. It has 2 ...

    Price upon request
    Made Design -  - Recycling Bin
    Made Design

    The main idea of the project is to create an element of friendly and simple shapes in which color ...

    Price upon request
    GOLLICUCCI - ligne 561 - Recycling Bin
    ligne 561

    The 561 line of manifolds is the ideal solution for equipping a drawer based on Blum's new ...

    Price upon request
    Bama -  - Recycling Bin

    Available Colors: Assorted Available Sizes: 28x40x31h (x4pz) Available Capabilities: 80 Lt. Poubelle ...

    Price upon request
    BENITO -  - Recycling Bin

    Doria 3-compartment outdoor recycling bin from Benito. Includes an ashtray. A versatile solution for ...

    ... models are equipped with specific lids or labeling to clearly indicate the type of material to be placed in each compartment.

    Advantages of waste bins:

    Promotion of Recycling: They actively encourage recycling by facilitating the sorting of recyclable materials at the source.

    Waste Reduction: Selective sorting reduces the amount of waste destined for landfill, thus contributing to the preservation of the environment.

    Resource-Efficient Use: Recycling reduces the demand for virgin raw materials, which is beneficial for the preservation of natural resources.

    Environmental awareness: Waste bins promote environmental awareness and the adoption of sustainable behaviours.

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