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    Wall cabinet - Kitchen furniture

    High kitchen furniture styles:

    Modern Style: Modern style high kitchen furniture is characterized by clean lines, smooth surfaces and contemporary materials such as glass, metal and lacquered finishes. The handles are often discreet for a clean look.

    Traditional Style: Traditional style tall kitchen furniture is adorned with classic details, moldings, solid wood finishes and decorative handles. They exude a timeless and warm atmosphere.

    Rustic Style: High rustic style kitchen furniture is usually made from raw or aged wood to create a country or cottage atmosphere. Handles can be forged metal or wooden.

    Industrial Style: High industrial style kitchen furniture incorporates

    Snaidero - -code- - Wall Cabinet

    Designer : Michele Marcon Design

    Price upon request
    Hettich - porte coulissante - Wall Cabinet

    With its new "Push / Pull to Move" aperture mechanism, just push or pull once for WingLine L to open ...

    Price upon request
    Dada -  - Wall Cabinet
    Price upon request
    Mobalco -  - Wall Cabinet
    Price upon request
    SANTOS -  - Wall Cabinet
    Price upon request
    ZACCARIOTTO CUCINE -  - Wall Cabinet
    Price upon request
    LM Manzoni -  - Wall Cabinet
    LM Manzoni
    Price upon request
    Baixmoduls -  - Wall Cabinet
    Price upon request
    ... raw materials such as metal, concrete and recycled wood. They are often associated with aged finishes and steel handles.

    Contemporary Style: High contemporary style kitchen furniture combines modern and traditional elements to create a versatile look. Neutral colors and simple lines are common.

    Minimalist Style: High minimalist style kitchen furniture favours functionality and efficiency. They are often devoid of visible handles and are characterized by smooth surfaces and clean lines.

    Scandinavian Style: High Scandinavian style kitchen furniture is inspired by Nordic design, with a use of light wood, simple shapes and soft colors to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    European manufacturers of high-end kitchen furniture:

    Nobilia (Germany) 

    Scavolini (Italy) 

    Schmidt (France) 

    Bulthaup (Germany) 

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