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    Mazarin desk - Desks & Tables

    The central part of the desk has a single-pane drawer, the two side parts consist of a series of three drawers. The structure is straight and completed by eight truopyramid feet, joined four to four by a cross-beam, resting on as many turned feet. 

    It is interesting to note that Cardinal Mazarin would never have possessed it. According to some researchers, this type of furniture could have been used as toilet furniture. Most of the models preserved today date from the first third of the 18th century.

    The Mazarin desk is characterized by a richly decorated baroque style, with sculpted

    Demeure et Jardin - grand bureau 3 tiroirs style louis xv - Mazarin Desk

    Louis XV style desk Mahogany marquetry plate on hetre and fir, bronze trim.

    725 € approx.
    ... details and elaborate finishes. Here are some typical features of a Mazarin office:

    Solid wood structure

    Spacious tray

    Drawers and storage compartments

    Carved Decorations: The Mazarin desk is known for its intricate carved details, such as floral motifs, arabesques, shells and volutes.

    Curved feet

    Here are some well-known manufacturers that offer reproductions of antique furniture, including Mazarin offices:

    Maison Saulaie (France) - Maison Saulaie is a French manufacturer specialized in the reproduction of antique furniture and style furniture. They offer a range of authentic and high quality Mazarin offices.

    La Maison Coloniale (France) - La Maison Coloniale is a French manufacturer of high-end style furniture and furnishings. Their Mazarin offices are renowned for their elegant design and refined finishes.

    Authentic Models (Netherlands) - Authentic Models is a Dutch manufacturer that offers a wide selection of antique style furniture and accessories. Their Mazarin offices are faithful reproductions with special attention to historical details.

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