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    Heated trolley - Chopping blocks & stands

    A heated trolley, also called a temperature-keeping trolley, is a catering equipment designed to store and keep food warm before being served to customers. These trolleys are commonly used in the catering industry to ensure that hot dishes stay at the ideal temperature until they are ready to be served.

    Heater Dolly Styles:

    Tray Heater:

    Tray Heaters are designed to transport and keep warm a variety of food dishes and trays. They are often used in catering and catering services.
    GN Pan Heater (Gastronorm):

    The GN tray trolleys are specially designed to accommodate standard GN trays, making them suitable for

    ... professional kitchens and catering.
    Glass Heater:

    Some trolleys have glass doors to allow cooks and customers to see food without opening the trolley, which retains heat.
    Pizza Heater:

    The pizza trolleys are specially designed to keep pizzas and other similar dishes warm. They are equipped with specific compartments for pizzas.
    Mobile Heater:

    The mobile heated trolleys are equipped with wheels to facilitate their movement in the kitchen or in the dining room.
    Forced Air Heater:

    Some models of trolleys use a hot air circulation system to maintain a uniform temperature inside and avoid cold areas.
    Infrared Heater:

    Infrared heaters use infrared lamps to heat food efficiently and evenly.
    Leading European manufacturers of heated trolleys:

    Bartscher (Germany)

    Roller Grill (France)

    Saro (Germany)

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