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    Fireplace mantel - Stoves, hearths, enclosed heaters

    A fireplace cladding, also called fireplace cladding, is a decorative structure that surrounds and enhances the fireplace fireplace. This element is designed to add an aesthetic touch to your fireplace by creating an attractive visual setting around the fireplace. Fireplace cladding can be made from different materials, such as stone, marble, ceramics, wood, metal or other decorative materials.

    Use of Fireplace Cover:

    Decoration: Fireplace cladding is mainly used as a decorative element to create a visual focus in the room and add aesthetic charm to the fireplace.

    Customization: The choice of material, style and decorative details of the fireplace cladding

    BRABBU DESIGN FORCES - brahma - Fireplace Mantel

    Designer : BRABBU STUDIO

    A long ago, an Indonesian Royal couple climbed the Mount Bromo and made a sacrifice to the BRAHMA, ...

    Price upon request
    ... allows you to customize the appearance of your fireplace to match your taste and your interior decoration.

    Highlight: A well-designed fireplace cladding can enhance the fireplace as a central element of the room and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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