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    Sewing thimble - Fashion

    The thimble is a small essential accessory in the world of sewing. It is worn on the finger to protect the finger while pushing a needle through the fabric when sewing by hand.

    Sewing Dice Styles:

    Classic dice: The classic dice is cone-shaped, usually made of metal or plastic, and it is slipped on the index or middle finger of the couturier to protect the finger when sewing.

    Nail Die: This type of die has a pointed end that can be used to slide a thread through a hem or to create a hole in the fabric to insert a

    ... button.

    Ring Dice: These dice have an elastic band or ring at the end, allowing them to be attached to a finger without slipping. They are convenient for dressmakers who want to keep the dice handy.

    Magnetic Dice: The magnetic dice feature a built-in magnet for catching and maintaining metal pins and needles, making them convenient for sewing and jewelry making.

    Renowned European manufacturers of thimbles:

    Prym (Germany): Prym is a German manufacturer of sewing supplies that offers a wide range of quality thimbles, as well as other sewing accessories.

    Milward (UK): Milward is a British brand that makes traditional metal thimbles and other sewing tools.

    Dritz (UK): Dritz is a British company that offers sewing dice made of plastic, metal and other materials, suitable for different sewing needs.

    Bohin (France): Bohin is a French company specializing in sewing and haberdashery. They offer high quality thimbles.

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