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    Shop display - POS

    Shop window animation is a visual marketing technique aimed at attracting the attention of passers-by and stimulating their interest in the products or services offered in the store.

    Showcase Animation Styles:

    Seasonal theme: Window displays can be decorated according to the seasons or special events, such as Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, etc. These seasonal decorations create a link with the current festivities.

    Interactive Displays: Interactive displays incorporate technology to create an immersive experience. This can include touch screens, video projections, interactive games, or even smart mirrors that allow customers to virtually try on clothing or products.

    Art Showcases: Some

    BRABBU DESIGN FORCES - cygnus - Shop Display

    Designer : BRABBU STUDIO

    CYGNUS display is inspired by the homonymous constellation which is one of the brightest and largest ...

    Price upon request
    ... stores use artists or designers to create unique art installations in their showcases.

    Theatrical showcases: Theatrical showcases tell a story through visual staging. For example, a fashion showcase could represent a lively street scene with models wearing the latest trends.

    European manufacturers of display equipment:

    Living Actor (France): Living Actor offers interactive display solutions, including touch screens and digital avatars to create interactive showcases.

    Visual Merchandising Group (Netherlands): This Dutch company specializes in accessories and equipment for visual presentation in stores, including shop windows.

    DK Display (United Kingdom): DK Display is a British company specialized in display accessories for visual merchandising in stores, including fastening systems for windows.

    Aluvision (Belgium): Aluvision offers modular and versatile display solutions, including display frames for display cases.

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