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    Oyster glove - Openers

    The oyster glove, also known as an oyster shell glove, is a protective equipment specially designed to open and handle oysters safely. Oyster shells are often sharp and can present a risk of cuts to the hands, which is why the oyster glove is an important accessory for cooking professionals and oyster lovers.

    The oyster glove is usually made from cut-resistant materials, such as kevlar or other technical fabrics. It mainly covers the hand and fingers that would be in contact with the oyster shell when opened. The glove is adjusted to fit the shape of the hand while providing

    MALLE W. TROUSSEAU -  - Oyster Glove

    A natural leather hand guard and a professional oyster knife in a gift box: with these 2 good tools, ...

    Price upon request
    Carl Mertens -  - Oyster Glove
    Carl Mertens

    Metal mesh cotte glove is essential to open oysters without risking injury.

    Price upon request
    Marlux -  - Oyster Glove

    Oyster mitt for right-handed or left-handed natural rubber - Made in France

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    Carl Mertens MALLE W. TROUSSEAU
    ... adequate protection against potential cuts.

    European oyster glove manufacturers:

    Guy Cotten: This French company is well known for its work and protective clothing for marine environments and the fishing industry. They produce quality oyster gloves designed to ensure safety when handling shells.

    Opinel: An iconic French brand of knives and kitchen tools, Opinel also offers oyster gloves to accompany their products. They focus on combining tradition with modern materials for effective protection.

    Mure & Peyrot: This French company specializes in the manufacture of tools for oyster professionals, including oyster gloves. Their products are designed to meet the specific needs of the oyster industry.

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