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    Spaghetti tester - Cooking utensils

    A spaghetti tester, also called a spaghetti measurer, is a small kitchen accessory designed to measure the amount of spaghetti to cook according to the number of servings desired. It helps to prevent excessive or insufficient cooking of these popular pasta.

    There are generally two main styles of spaghetti testers:

    Multi Hole Spaghetti Tester: This style features several holes or notches of different sizes to measure various portions, usually for one to four portions.

    Adjustable length spaghetti tester: This style allows you to adjust the length of spaghetti using a notch or a graduated scale, which allows you to accurately

    ... measure the desired amount.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of spaghetti testers include:

    OXO (United Kingdom): OXO is a British brand well known for its ergonomic and innovative kitchen utensils, including spaghetti testers.

    Brabantia (Netherlands): Brabantia is a Dutch brand of high quality household products, offering durable and functional spaghetti testers.

    Ibili (Spain): Ibili is a Spanish company that offers a range of kitchen utensils, including stainless steel spaghetti testers.

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