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    Giclee - Painting reproduction

    Digigraphy is a high-quality digital printing technique used in the field of art and the reproduction of works of art. It is used to create faithful, long-lasting reproductions of original works of art, using special printers and pigmented inks. Here is some information about digigraphy:

    Printing process: Digigraphy uses special printers equipped with high-precision, museum-quality print heads. The inks used are water-based pigmented inks, renowned for their resistance to fading and degradation.
    Quality and fidelity: Digigraphy aims to faithfully reproduce the colours, details and nuances of the original work. Thanks to the high resolution of printers, digigraphic reproductions can capture


    Margot is a Dutch illustrator, painter and art director. His creations are available in Digigraphy® ...

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    Each creation by Clément Dezelus is available in Digigraphy® on canvas (limited edition, numbered ...

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    Designer : Grems

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    Les Specialistes

    ... the subtleties of the original work of art with great precision.
    Limited edition: Digigraphic reproductions can be produced as limited editions, which means that a specific number of prints are made. Each print is numbered and signed by the artist, adding value to the reproduction.
    Certificate of authenticity: Each digigraphic reproduction is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, attesting to its origin and quality. This guarantees that the reproduction has been produced in accordance with the quality standards of digigraphy and that it is recognised as a work of art in its own right.
    Durability: Digigraphic reproductions are renowned for their durability and resistance to fading. The pigmented inks used are designed to last a long time, providing a museum-quality reproduction that can be enjoyed for many years.
    Print media: Digigraphic reproductions can be printed on a variety of media, such as art paper, canvas or other materials suitable for digital printing. Each substrate can give a different texture and appearance to the final reproduction.
    Production control: Digigraphy involves strict production control to guarantee the quality and consistency of reproductions. Certified digigraphic artists or printers oversee the printing process and ensure that the high standards of digigraphy are met.
    Added value: Digigraphic reproductions are considered works of art in their own right and can have commercial value for artists. They also offer an affordable alternative to originals, enabling more people to own a copy of the work.
    Digigraphy has become a popular option for artists who want to reproduce their work with exceptional quality and fidelity. It makes art more accessible and extends the reach of original works.

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