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    Clay dishware - Various kitchen and cooking items

    Daubière is a very common dish in Provence. Daubière is a kitchen utensil traditionally used to prepare stewed dishes, such as daubes (a type of stew) or other braised dishes. It is generally made of enamelled cast iron and is characterized by its specific shape and design for slow and uniform cooking.

    Different styles of daubières:

    Classic Daubière: This style of daubière is made of unglazed cast iron, which gives it a black finish. It is often appreciated for its ability to distribute heat evenly, but it requires more careful maintenance to prevent rust.

    Enamelled daubies: Enamelled daubies are covered

    Barbotine -  - Clay Dishware

    For slow and long cooking, nothing beats the earth to simmer your small dishes.

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    ... with a layer of colored enamel that protects them from rust and facilitates their cleaning. It is a popular choice for those looking for durability and ease of maintenance.

    Renowned European manufacturers of daubies:

    Staub (France): Staub is a French brand famous for its enamelled cast iron casseroles, which are often used as daubières. Their products are known for their quality and elegant design.

    Le Creuset (France): Le Creuset is another French manufacturer famous for its enamelled cast iron casserole dishes, which are also suitable for the preparation of stews and stews.

    Mauviel (France): Mauviel is a world-renowned French brand specializing in the manufacture of copper products, including high quality copper daubies.

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