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    Wall mounted vase - Vases

    The wall vase, also called "hanging vase" or "vertical vase", is a type of vase that is designed to be hung directly on a wall. It is often used to add a touch of greenery to a bare wall or to create a vertical garden effect.

    There are many types of wall vases, ranging from modern and sleek designs to more rustic or bohemian styles. Some are designed to accommodate live plants, while others are intended to contain dried flowers or floral arrangements.

    In terms of materials, wall vases can be made from ceramic, glass, wood, metal or other natural

    Amadeus - vase mural en porcelaine vriesea vriesea - Wall Mounted Vase

    Appearance: Color: White Main material: Porcelain Dimensions: Height (in cm): 30.00 Length (in cm): ...

    14.90 € approx.
    ... materials such as wicker or rattan.

    As for wall vases manufacturers, there are many independent artisans who offer unique and original creations.

    There are also more established brands that offer wall vases in their product range, such as Umbra, West Elm, Anthropologie, Ferm Living, Bloomingville, and many more.

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