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    Waiting area chair - Office chairs

    A beam seat, also called a beam bench, is a furniture solution that consists of a bench or series of seats attached to a beam or solid structure. This type of seat is designed to accommodate several people side by side, offering a grouped seating option in various environments such as waiting areas, lobbies, airports, train stations and other public places.

    Uses of a Beam Seat:

    Waiting Areas: Beam seats are commonly used in waiting rooms in clinics, offices, train stations and airports to offer a grouped seating for visitors.

    Public Places: They can be installed in public areas such

    Race Furniture - rendcomb - Waiting Area Chair
    Race Furniture

    Flexible and durable, the Race Beam System is ideal where space is at a premium. Simple, elegant ...

    Price upon request
    ADDFORM -  - Waiting Area Chair
    Price upon request
    TALIN -  - Waiting Area Chair

    Seat with seat and backrest padded and covered with a breathable elastic net. Modular metal beam ...

    Price upon request

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    Les Specialistes

    TALIN ADDFORM ROLLECO Ferco Seating Systems Frederick Restall
    ROLLECO -  - Waiting Area Chair

    3-seater beam with shell ideal for your receptions or waiting rooms. Black epoxy base beam 80x40 mm ...

    131 € approx.
    SOMOMAR - tenzing - Waiting Area Chair

    2 déclinaisons

    Price upon request
    Ferco Seating Systems - arc shell - Waiting Area Chair
    Ferco Seating Systems
    Price upon request
    Frederick Restall - restall tri star beam unit - hgra - Waiting Area Chair
    Frederick Restall

    Economy concourse seating, available as 2, 3, 4 or 5 seat beam units. Available in a choice of 9 ...

    Price upon request
    ... as lobbies, rest areas and common areas to provide a place where people can rest and interact.

    Events: Beam seats can be used at temporary events such as conferences, exhibitions or fairs to provide seating space for participants.

    Public Transport: In train stations and bus stops, beam seats can provide temporary seating for waiting passengers.

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