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    Maracas - Music and instrument

    Maracas are percussion instruments of Latin American origin, composed of pairs of small spheres filled with seeds, balls or small metal balls. When shaken, maracas produce a distinctive rattling and rattling sound.

    Maracas are popular in many styles of Latin American music, including salsa, merengue, cumbia and other traditional genres. They are also used in certain genres of Caribbean music, such as calypso.

    For maracas manufacturers, here are some known brands:

    • LP (Latin Percussion): LP is a well-established brand in the field of Latin American percussion, and they produce a variety of percussion instruments, including maracas. Their maracas are widely

    TIENDA ESQUIPULAS - animaux - Maracas

    Decorative maracas entirely handmade in Mexico. 45cm high. Figurine animal molded and hand painted, ...

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    ... used by professional musicians.

  • Meinl: Meinl is a world-renowned brand in the field of percussion, offering a wide range of quality percussion instruments. They also offer carefully crafted maracas.

  • Gon Bops: Gon Bops is another recognized brand in the percussion industry, with a reputation for producing high quality instruments. Their maracas are highly appreciated for their rich sound and durability.

  • Toca Percussion: Toca Percussion offers a variety of Latin American-inspired percussion instruments, including maracas. Their maracas are made with quality materials and offer a great sound response.

  • Nino Percussion: Nino Percussion is a brand specialized in percussion instruments for children. They also offer maracas adapted to young musicians, with colorful designs and solid workmanship.

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