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    Drum grater - Graters

    The rotary grater is a versatile and practical tool for the kitchen. It allows you to quickly and efficiently grate or slice a variety of ingredients, adding flavor and texture to your dishes. Its rotating design simplifies the preparation of ingredients and makes it an essential ally in the kitchen.

    Practical Uses:

    Vegetable Grate: Grate vegetables such as carrots, zucchini or potatoes for salads, toppings and stir fry dishes.

    Grated Cheese: Use it to grate fresh cheese for pizza, pasta, gratins, etc.

    Nuts and Chocolate: Chop nuts, chocolate or other ingredients for pastry and desserts.

    Lemon and Zest: Grate citrus

    Guillouard - passe légumes premium 24cm - Drum Grater

    Appearance: Main material - Metal? Secondary materials - Wood? Dimensions: Diameter (in cm) - 24.00? ...

    Guillouard - râpe multi usage étamée premium - Drum Grater

    Appearance: Main material - Metal? Secondary materials - Wood (button)? Dimensions: Height (in cm) - ...

    ... zest to flavor your dishes and desserts.

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