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    Teak protector - Moisturisers and humidifiers

    The teak protector is a product specially designed to maintain and protect teak furniture and surfaces. Teak is a tropical wood highly prized for its naturally beautiful appearance, durability and weather resistance.

    However, with time and exposure to the elements, teak can discolour and deteriorate.

    Here are some examples of well-known European manufacturers of teak protectors:

    Star brite (UK): Star brite is a British brand specializing in maintenance products for boats and outdoor furniture, including teak protectors.

    Liberian (France): Liberian is a French brand known for its wood protection and maintenance products, including teak protectors.

    Hermadix (Netherlands): Hermadix is a

    MAISONS DU MONDE -  - Teak Protector

    Want to customize your home? From vases to carpets to mirrors, fall for our selection of deco ...

    ... Dutch company that offers a variety of wood protection products, including teak protectors.

    Bondex (Denmark): Bondex is a Danish brand specialized in wood protection products, including teak protectors.

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