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    Preserver and polish - Cleaning agents and abrasives

    The terms "renovator" and "polish" may refer to cleaning and maintenance products used to restore and revive different surfaces, such as wood, metal, leather, plastic, etc. These products are designed to eliminate imperfections, scratches, stains and wear marks, while leaving a shiny and protective finish on the treated surface.

    Here is a brief description of each product type, as well as examples of reputable European manufacturers:

    Renovator: A renovator is a product specially formulated to restore a new and revitalized appearance to an aged or damaged surface. It is commonly used to renovate wooden furniture, plastic surfaces, leather, and even

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    ... some types of flooring. Renovators can also help revive colours, fill small scratches, and hide wear marks.

    Polish: Polish is a cleaning and maintenance product that offers deep cleaning, eliminating stubborn stains, residues and dirt. It is used to clean and polish various surfaces including glass, metal, stainless steel and some painted surfaces. The polish creates a smooth and shiny finish, while eliminating minor imperfections.

    Here are some examples of reputable European manufacturers of renovators and polish:

    Avel (France): Avel is a French brand specializing in leather care products, including leather renovators.

    Autosol (Germany): Autosol is a German brand known for its polish products for cleaning and protection of metal surfaces.

    HG (Netherlands): HG is a Dutch brand that offers a wide range of maintenance products for different surfaces, including renovators and polish.

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