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    Orientalist painting - Paintings

    An orientalist painting is a work of art that represents scenes, landscapes or characters inspired by the East or the Arab world, such as countries of the Middle East, North Africa or West Asia. Here is some information about the orientalist tables:

    Historical Background: Orientalist paintings were particularly popular in 19th century Europe, at a time when travel to the East had become more accessible and interest in exotic cultures was booming. Western artists, notably French, British and German, were drawn to picturesque landscapes, exotic customs and depictions of oriental cultures.

    Themes and topics: Oriental paintings can represent a variety

    Atelier Follaco -  - Orientalist Painting
    Atelier Follaco

    oil,220x200 cm

    Price upon request
    Expertissim - louis john endres. fantassin de zemmour - Orientalist Painting

    Louis John ENDRES (1896-1989).Fantassin de Zemmour (Berber Infantryman, North Africa).Gouache, ...

    1175 € approx.
    Antiquités Trouvailles - entièrement réalisé avec des timbres poste - Orientalist Painting
    Antiquités Trouvailles
    Price upon request
    ... of subjects, such as market scenes, harems, richly decorated interiors, desert landscapes, palaces, mosques, caravans, portraits of oriental characters and many more. They often seek to capture the atmosphere and aesthetics of the Orient, with an emphasis on architectural details, colourful fabrics, ornamental motifs and plays of light.

    Cultural representation: Oriental paintings can reflect Western stereotypes and fantasies about the East. They often presented an idealized and romantic vision of Eastern culture, with particular attention to exotic details and idealized representations of Eastern characters. However, it is important to note that these works can also offer a valuable insight into the customs, traditions and daily life of Eastern societies at that time.

    Artistic style: Orientalist paintings are often inspired by the academic style of the time, characterized by great attention to detail, careful composition, skilful use of light and bright colours. The artists have suffered

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