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    Jam pan - Various kitchen and cooking items

    The jam maker is an essential equipment for preparing delicious jams and jellies from fresh fruit.

    Here is a general description of these devices and some examples of renowned European manufacturers:

    The traditional jam pot:

    This style of jam maker is the most classic. It is a large copper or stainless steel pot with a thick base that allows a uniform distribution of heat.
    Jam pots are usually equipped with sturdy handles for easy transport and a lid to prevent splashing.
    Famous European manufacturers: Mauviel, De Buyer, Baumalu (France), Riess (Austria), and Alessi (Italy).
    Electric jam cookers:

    These modern appliances


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    ... are designed to simplify the preparation of jams. They are equipped with a thermostat to regulate the cooking temperature.
    Some models are equipped with an automatic agitator to prevent jam from sticking to the bottom of the tank.
    They are available in different sizes to meet individual needs.
    Recognized European manufacturers: Kilner (UK), RÖMERTOPF (Germany), and Lagostina (Italy).
    Tinned copper jam pans:

    Copper jam pots are prized for their excellent thermal conductivity, which allows accurate cooking of jams.
    They are often tinned inside to prevent any chemical reaction between the fruits and the copper.
    These parts are usually equipped with brass handles for easy handling.
    Renowned European manufacturers: Falk Culinair (Belgium), Mauviel (France), and Buyer (France).

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