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    Flag - Various decoration accessories

    Flags are important national and regional symbols used to represent a country, region, city or organization. They come in a variety of styles, colors and patterns, each with a specific meaning and use.

    Flag Styles:

    National flags: These flags represent a sovereign country. They are often composed of colors and symbolic patterns that tell the history or values of the country. For example, the French flag consists of three vertical stripes of blue, white and red.

    Regional flags: Many regions and provinces around the world have their own flags to symbolize their cultural or political identity. For example, Spain has

    MEMOIRE DES ORIGINES - flag + piètement - Flag

    Lamps, wall lamps, mirrors, tableware, paints(paintings), frescoes, impacts of decoration, outside ...

    Price upon request
    Bzh-Boutique -  - Flag

    Enlacs Ring - Amethyst silver Superb solid silver ring set with an amethyst with a very beautiful ...

    39.80 € approx.
    TEMPETE DE L'OUEST -  - Flag

    Ideal for catering professionals and food trades (creperies and restaurants, Breton food trucks, ...

    ... many regional flags, including that of Catalonia.

    Municipal flags: Cities and municipalities often have their own flags to represent their history, culture and identity. The flag of the city of London is a famous example.

    Flags of international organizations: International organizations such as the UN, NATO and the European Union have their own flags to symbolize their cooperation and mission. The EU flag is a circle of twelve gold stars on a blue background.

    Renowned European flag manufacturers:

    FabFlags (Netherlands): FabFlags is a Dutch company specialized in the manufacture of custom flags for companies, events and organizations.

    Banquet Standard (France): Banquet Standard is a French company that produces high quality national, regional, municipal and international flags.

    Desmet flags (Belgium): This Belgian company specializes in the production of flags for various uses, including event flags.

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