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    Portrait from photo - Paintings

    Portrait after photo is a common practice where an artist creates a portrait based on a photograph of the subject rather than direct observation. Here are some important points to know about post-photo portraits:

    Visual reference: In the post-photo portrait, the artist uses a photograph of the subject as a visual reference to create the portrait. The photograph can be taken by the artist himself, by a professional photographer or by another source.

    Precision and resemblance: The main objective of the portrait after photo is generally to capture the resemblance of the subject accurately. The artist works from photography to

    ... reproduce the details and characteristics of the face with precision.

    Limitations and interpretation: Although the portrait after photo allows a great precision in the representation of the subject, it also has some limitations. The photograph may not provide all the necessary details, and the artist may have to interpret certain areas or add missing information.

    Composition and Stylization: Although the portrait after the photo can be very precise, some artists also choose to style or modify the composition to add their own artistic interpretation. This may involve adjustments in composition, lighting, colors or details.

    Practical advantages: Photo after-portrait offers practical advantages, including the possibility to work at your own pace, without time constraints, and the availability of a constant reference for the details of the subject.

    Popularity and Accessibility: Post-photo portraits are popular with artists and sponsors because they capture a person’s likeness in a convenient and accessible way, without the need for prolonged exposure sessions.

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