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    Universal pusher - Cooking preparation

    A universal food pusher is a versatile kitchen utensil designed to facilitate the transfer of cut or chopped food or ingredients from a work surface to a container or other preparation area. This type of pusher is used for various tasks in the kitchen, including handling vegetables, fruits, meats or other foods.

    Characteristics of universal pushers:

    Ergonomic Shape: The universal pushers generally have an ergonomic shape with a comfortable handle that allows an easy and safe grip.

    Push Surface: They are equipped with a push surface, often flat or slightly inclined, which is used to transfer food.

    Integrated Blade: Some

    ... models of universal pushers have an integrated blade on the lower part of the pushing surface, which allows you to cut food at the same time as you push it.

    Durable Materials: Universal pushers are generally made of food grade plastic, stainless steel or similar materials, resistant to moisture and heat.

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