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    Toast tong - Tongs and skewers

    A toast tong, also known as a bruschetta tong, is a kitchen utensil used to handle and serve hot toasts, bruschettas or other small slices of toast.

    The toast tongs are usually made of metal, stainless steel or wood. It consists of two articulated arms or jaws that close when you press the lever or handles.

    To use a toast clip, simply place the clip around the slice of toast or bruschetta. By pressing the lever or handles, the clamp closes, allowing you to grasp the toast firmly without risk of breaking or dropping it.

    Toast tongs offer a convenient

    GENIETTI -  - Toast Tong

    Soft tongs strong and delicate, firmly but gently grabs boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables, boiled ...

    Price upon request
    PEBBLY - aimantée - Toast Tong

    The magnetic Pebbly toast tongs are a must-have for those who love toasted bread in the morning. ...

    Chevalier Diffusion -  - Toast Tong
    Chevalier Diffusion

    Perfect for the kitchen, especially for the wok kitchen.

    Price upon request
    ... solution for handling and serving hot toasts without having to touch them directly with your fingers. They allow toasts to be precisely seared and easily moved from the baking dish or toaster to a plate or serving dish.

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