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    Door panel - Wall decorations

    A door panel is the main part of a door, often made from materials such as wood, PVC, aluminium or steel. It forms the visible surface of the door and can be customised to match the style and design of the interior or exterior of the house.

    Some common types of door panels are

    1. Solid wood door panel: Solid wood door panels are made from a single piece of wood or from several boards joined together. They offer a warm, traditional look, as well as good thermal and acoustic insulation.

    2. Plywood door panel: Plywood door panels are made of several

    APW TRANSLUCIDES - porte - Door Panel

    Designer : letellier nakamura

    3-door suite with frame. All possible models from our collection.

    6000 € approx.
    Abet Laminati -  - Door Panel
    Abet Laminati
    Price upon request
    Antic Line Creations -  - Door Panel
    Antic Line Creations

    Word CUISINE zinc-coloured door message - Dec7350 Length: 6 cm Height: 6 cm Depth: 1.50 cm

    21.93 € approx.
    ... layers of wood glued together. They are durable and resistant to warping, offering a more economical option than solid wood.

  • MDF (medium density fibreboard) door panel: MDF door panels are made from wood fibres compressed with resin. They offer a smooth, uniform surface that is easy to paint or coat, and are often used for modern designs.

  • PVC door panel: PVC door panels are durable, water resistant and easy to maintain. They are available in a variety of colours and finishes and are popular for exterior doors and bathroom doors.

  • Glass door panels: Glass door panels offer an elegant aesthetic and allow for natural light transmission. They can be clear, frosted or patterned to add style and privacy.

  • Metal Door Panel: Metal door panels, such as aluminium or steel, are used for exterior doors, offering increased resistance to corrosion, break-in and weathering. They can be combined with other materials for more varied designs.

  • Door panels can be customised with ornaments, mouldings, inlays or carved patterns to add a decorative touch. They are available in different sizes, shapes and styles to suit different interior and exterior doors.

    There are many reputable manufacturers of door panels, offering a wide range of high quality products. Here are some well-known manufacturers:

    1. Masonite: Masonite is an international manufacturer of wood, MDF and glass door panels. Their products are renowned for their quality, durability and design.

    2. JELD-WEN: JELD-WEN is a global company specialising in doors and windows. They offer a wide range of door panels in wood, MDF, glass and metal, offering different style and performance options.

    3. Portes d'Intérieur Lebois: Lebois is a French manufacturer of solid wood door panels. Their expertise in joinery ensures high quality products with attention to detail and design.

    4. Vicaima : Vicaima is a Portuguese manufacturer of door panels, offering a wide variety of finishes and designs, ranging from solid wood panels to lacquered panels and glass panels.

    5. Svedex: Svedex is a Dutch manufacturer specialising in prefabricated door panels. Their products are distinguished by their quality, ease of installation and wide choice of styles and finishes.

    6. Hörmann: Hörmann is a German manufacturer known for their garage doors, but they also offer high quality interior and exterior door panels. Their products are characterised by reliability, security and functional design.

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