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    Champagne pyramid - Drink cooling

    The champagne waterfall is ideal for simultaneous service and multiple glasses of champagne, it enlivens the festivities by its originality.

    A champagne waterfall, also called a champagne fountain, is a device used to serve champagne or sparkling drinks in a spectacular way. It is usually a pyramid-shaped structure or bleachers with stacked trays where the glasses are placed. The champagne is poured into the upper glass and then cascades into the lower glasses, creating an attractive visual effect.

    For European manufacturers of champagne cascades, here are some possible options:

    Caliceo (France): Caliceo is a French manufacturer specialized in wine and

    Stellinox -  - Champagne Pyramid

    Altu champagne cascade for 48 cups - Composed of a tray and a standing presentation tray - delivered ...

    Price upon request
    Stellinox - cascade à champagne flûtes - Champagne Pyramid

    Illuminated Champagne waterfall for flutes with its wooden tehnical box

    Price upon request
    ... beverage accessories and service equipment. They offer a variety of champagne cascades with different configurations and designs.

    Villa d'Este Home Tivoli (Italy): Villa d'Este Home Tivoli is an Italian company known for its tableware and service accessories. They offer elegant and well-designed champagne waterfalls, suitable for special occasions.

    Inoxibar (Spain): Inoxibar is a Spanish company specialized in kitchen utensils and service accessories. They offer champagne cascades in stainless steel, offering both durability and aesthetics.

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