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    Flue for wood-pellet stove and sealed gas boiler - Conduits

    A chimney flue, whether for a wood pellet stove or a gas-tight insert, is a structure specially designed to safely evacuate the products of combustion from your home. Wood pellet stoves and sealed gas inserts are popular and efficient heating appliances that require appropriate flues to ensure efficient and safe combustion. Here is a description of the flues for these two types of appliance:

    Wood Pellet Stove Flue: A wood pellet stove is fuelled by compressed wood pellets, also known as pellets. The flue for a wood pellet stove must be designed to evacuate the smoke and combustion gases produced

    ... during the burning of the pellets. Here are some key features of a flue suitable for a wood pellet stove:

    Resistant material : Wood pellet stove flues are generally made from heat-resistant materials, such as stainless steel. This ensures that the flue can withstand the high temperatures generated by burning pellets.

    Insulation: Some flues have insulation to minimise heat loss and improve combustion efficiency.

    Tightness: The tightness of the flue is essential to prevent potentially dangerous smoke or gas leaks into your home.

    Gastight Insert Flue: A gastight insert is a gas-fired heating appliance that is designed to be installed in an existing chimney. These inserts are generally airtight, which means that they draw the air needed for combustion from outside rather than from the room in which they are installed. Here are some key features of a flue suitable for a gas-tight insert:

    Airtight: The flue must be airtight to maintain the integrity of the air intake and exhaust process.

    Material Suitable for Gas: The flue must be made from materials compatible with gas, such as stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant materials.

    Existing chimney: In the case of an insert, the flue may be an existing chimney flue that has been adapted or renovated to meet the specific needs of the insert. 

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