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    Kitchen carousel - Various equipment

    A kitchen turnstile, also called a rotating corner cabinet, is a storage element designed to optimize the use of space in the corners of a kitchen.

    Kitchen turnstile styles:

    Standard corner turnstile: This is the type of basic turnstile that is installed in a corner of the kitchen. It usually has shelves or circular trays that rotate to allow easy access to stored items.

    Two-level corner turnstile: The two-level corner turnstiles have two stacked shelves that rotate independently of each other. This provides additional storage space and helps to better organize items.

    Corner Turnstile with Sliding Shelves: Some corner turnstiles

    Ateliers De La Balme -  - Kitchen Carousel
    Ateliers De La Balme

    Corner storage mechanism Storage system for volume recovery in corners. The doors disappear inside ...

    Price upon request
    ... are equipped with sliding shelves that facilitate access to items by sliding them outwards rather than rotating them.

    European manufacturers of kitchen turnstiles:

    Blum (Austria): Blum is an Austrian manufacturer of furniture fitting systems with high-quality kitchen turnstiles.

    Häfele (Germany): Häfele is a German company specializing in hardware and storage solutions for kitchen furniture, including corner turnstiles.

    Grass (Austria): Grass is an Austrian manufacturer of furniture fittings that offers innovative kitchen turnstiles.

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