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    ?il-de-b?uf shutter - Shutters

    "Oeil de boeuf shutter" is a French term that refers to a shutter or blind specifically designed to cover a window or circular opening in a building that resembles a bull's eye. These types of shutters are often used for aesthetic reasons and can add a traditional and charming touch to the exterior of a building. They can also serve a functional purpose by providing privacy, regulating light, and protecting against the elements.

    There are several manufacturers of oeil de boeuf shutters, particularly in France where this type of shutter is commonly used for old buildings and traditional houses.


    JASNO - shutters persiennes mobiles - ?il De B?uf Shutter

    Our interior shutters are custom made of wood for all windows, floor-to-ceiling windows, doors or ...

    Price upon request
    ... are some manufacturers of oeil de boeuf shutters in France:

    The company KparK offers made-to-measure wooden oeil de boeuf shutters to fit the dimensions of each opening.

    The company Art et Fenêtres also offers wooden oeil de boeuf shutters, as well as electric or manual roller shutters.

    The company Franciaflex manufactures aluminium oeil de boeuf shutters for increased durability and resistance.

    The company Bubendorff offers electric oeil de boeuf roller shutters for easy control of light and privacy.

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