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    Flavoured chocolate - Gastronomy

    Scented chocolate refers to chocolate that has been flavored with natural or artificial ingredients to give it a specific flavor, in addition to its characteristic chocolate flavor. This practice is common in the manufacture of fine chocolates, confectionery and desserts, where different flavors are added to create a more diverse and delicious taste experience.

    Here are some examples of popular scented chocolates, as well as the ingredients or aromas added to create these specific flavors:

    Mint chocolate: Peppermint extracts or other mint aromas are added to the chocolate to create a refreshing flavor.

    Raspberry chocolate: Pieces of dried raspberry or

    PARFUMS DE TABLE - trésor mayas - Flavoured Chocolate

    Complex nose, heady with notes of spices that compete for aromatic power with notes of incense and ...

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    BOVETTI CHOCOLATS -  - Flavoured Chocolate

    Coriander seeds, Fennel, Anis, Pink berries, Espelette pepper and chocolate-coated rosemary leaves ...

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    BOVETTI CHOCOLATS -  - Flavoured Chocolate

    Hearts 100% Chocolate Great Origins of Sao Tome, Ecuador, Papua, St Domingue to dive into a cup of ...

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    BOVETTI CHOCOLATS -  - Flavoured Chocolate

    A range of more than 150 pure chocolate bars with spices (Espelette pepper, ginger...), flower

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    ... raspberry aromas are incorporated into the chocolate to add a fruity and tangy note.

    Orange chocolate: Dried orange zest or orange aromas are used to give chocolate a bright, lemony flavor.

    Coconut chocolate: Pieces of dried coconut or coconut aromas are mixed with chocolate for a tropical flavor.

    Caramel Chocolate: The caramel is incorporated into the chocolate to add a rich sweet flavor and a hint of salinity.

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