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    Lighting controller - Remote control

    Lighting controls are devices used to control lighting in a home or space. They offer a variety of options to adjust light intensity, color, color temperature, and light management, allowing you to customize the mood and improve energy efficiency.

    Lighting control styles:

    Traditional Switches: Traditional wall switches are the most common way to control lights. They are usually installed near doors and entrances for easy access.

    Dimmers: Dimmers adjust the light intensity of bulbs, creating a softer or brighter atmosphere. They are available in wall or remote versions.

    Touch controls: Touch controls are switches or control panels that are activated

    LUTRON FRANCE -  - Lighting Controller
    Price upon request
    TRAXON TECHNOLOGIES FRANCE - light drive dmx - Lighting Controller
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    LUTRON FRANCE -  - Lighting Controller
    Price upon request
    ... by simple contact. They offer a modern and elegant appearance.

    European manufacturers of lighting controls:

    Philips Hue (Netherlands): Philips Hue is one of the most well-known manufacturers in the field of smart lighting. They offer a range of products, including smart bulbs and dimmers, which can be controlled via a mobile app.

    Gira (Germany): Gira offers stylish light switches and controls, including touch switches and dimmers.

    Jung (Germany): Jung offers a range of intelligent lighting solutions including switches, dimmers and touch controls.

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