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    Water sensor alarm - Alarms

    Water detectors, also known as water leak detectors or flood detectors, are domestic safety devices designed to detect the presence of potentially harmful water or liquids in areas where they should not be present.

    Water detector styles:

    Autonomous water detectors: These water detectors are independent devices that emit a local audible alarm when they come into contact with water or detect an accumulation of water. They are usually powered by batteries or an integrated battery and are suitable for use in specific locations, such as basements, laundries and bathrooms.

    Water detectors connected to a home automation system: These water detectors

    ELRO - alarme domestique - détecteur d'inondation wm53 - - Water Sensor Alarm

    This device detects the presence of liquid the intrieur of a habitat. It is wireless. Home Alarm - ...

    8.90 € approx.
    ... are integrated into a home automation network, which allows you to receive remote alerts on a smartphone or computer in case of water detection. They can also be interconnected with other home security devices.

    Wired water detectors: Wired water detectors are equipped with a water-sensitive cable that can be arranged around risk areas, such as along pipes or walls. When the cable comes into contact with water, it triggers an alarm.

    European manufacturers of water detectors:

    Honeywell (UK): Honeywell offers a range of high quality water detectors for home security, including flood detectors and water leak detectors.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch offers water leak detection solutions for residential and commercial buildings, including connected water detectors.

    Siemens (Germany): Siemens offers water detectors and leak detection systems for use in industrial and commercial environments.

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