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    Home automation remote - Remote control

    A home automation control unit, also called a home automation gateway or hub, is an essential device in a smart home system. It serves as a central control point for all connected devices and allows users to manage and automate various functions of their home, such as lighting, security, heating, air conditioning and more.

    Home automation control panel styles:

    Standalone control panel: This type of panel is a dedicated device that connects to the home network via Wi-Fi, Ethernet or other communication protocols. It can be placed in a central location of the house for easy management of all home

    Hager France - ek520 - Home Automation Remote
    Hager France

    Digital programmable atmosphere thermostats,

    Price upon request
    SOMFY - clavier lcd - Home Automation Remote

    LCD keyboard with badge reader,It allows you to turn the system on full or partial, customize ...

    SOMFY - chronis io - Home Automation Remote

    Wireless wall control, uncable, with screen, animating products or groups of products selected ...

    Price upon request
    Trane - comfortlink? ii thermostat - Home Automation Remote
    Price upon request
    Trane - comfortlink? remote thermostat - Home Automation Remote
    Price upon request
    Zero 88 - chilli master controller - Home Automation Remote
    Zero 88

    Manage your ChilliNet dimmer system using the Master Controller.

    Price upon request
    Wieland Electric - gesis rc - building automation with radio control - Home Automation Remote
    Wieland Electric

    Wireless is in. In modern building automation radio technology increasingly wins against wired ...

    Price upon request
    ... automation devices.

    Cloud-based control panel: Some control panels are cloud-based, which means that management is mainly done via a mobile app or website. These systems offer increased flexibility as they allow remote control from any internet-connected device.

    Integrated control panel: Some high-end smart homes have integrated control panels in construction or renovation systems, allowing seamless integration of home automation devices.

    European manufacturers of home automation control units:

    Fibaro (Poland): Fibaro offers the Home Center range, a popular control panel for the smart home, which supports a variety of communication protocols.

    Nuki (Austria): Nuki offers a control panel for smart locks, which can lock and unlock doors remotely and create temporary access.

    Devolo (Germany): Devolo offers a control panel compatible with many home automation devices, which supports Z-Wave and Zigbee protocols.

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