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    Bus shelter - Shelters and summer houses

    A bus shelter is a sheltered structure intended to provide shelter for public transport users while waiting for their bus. Bus shelters can be made of wood, metal, glass, concrete or composite materials, and are designed to provide protection from weather such as rain, snow, wind and sun.

    Bus shelters are often equipped with seats, newspaper stands, signage for schedules and routes, and lighting systems for users who wait early in the morning or late at night. Bus shelters are also often equipped with access ramps for people with reduced mobility and strollers.

    The use of bus shelters improves the

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    ... comfort of public transport users by providing shelter from the weather, as well as equipment and information to help them plan their trip. Bus shelters can also be equipped with security systems, such as surveillance cameras and emergency buttons, to ensure the safety of users.

    Here are some European manufacturers of bus shelters, along with their countries of origin and links to their websites:

    1. ABRIPLUS (France): ABRIPLUS is a French manufacturer specialized in bus shelters. Their website showcases a range of custom-made shelters to protect buses from the elements:

    2. ASDO (Italy): ASDO is an Italian manufacturer of bus shelters. Their website offers a variety of sturdy and durable shelters tailored to the specific needs of public transportation operations:

    3. SMC2 (France): SMC2 is a French manufacturer of tensioned fabric shelters, including bus shelters. Their website presents innovative and aesthetic structures to shelter transport vehicles:

    4. Schutzdach (Germany): Schutzdach is a German manufacturer of steel and aluminum bus shelters. Their website provides custom solutions to protect buses from adverse weather conditions:

    5. WSM Wachter (Germany): WSM Wachter is a German manufacturer of high-quality bus shelters. Their website showcases a range of durable and functional shelters:

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