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    Perfumed pearl - Various flowers and aromatics

    Perfumed beads, also called aromatic beads, are small plastic or ceramic beads that are soaked with essential oils or perfume. They can be used to perfume small spaces such as drawers, cabinets, cars, bathrooms, etc.

    There are several European manufacturers of fragrant pearls such as:

    Air Wick (United Kingdom): Air Wick is a British brand specializing in interior perfumery products, including fragrant pearls.

    Glade (UK): Glade is a British brand offering a variety of scented products, including scented beads to create a pleasant atmosphere in enclosed spaces.

    Yankee Candle (UK): Yankee Candle is a British brand known for its scented

    ... candles, but it also offers scented beads to diffuse fragrances in the air.

    Bolsius (Netherlands): Bolsius is a Dutch brand that offers a wide range of home products, including fragrant beads that can be used to perfume small spaces.

    Primavera (Germany): Primavera is a German brand specialized in aromatherapy and aromacology products, including scented pearls based on essential oils.

    Millefiori (Italy): Millefiori is an Italian brand known for its high-end perfumed products, including fragrant pearls that diffuse subtle and elegant fragrances.

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