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    Alum stone - Various flowers and aromatics

    Alum stone is a natural mineral composed of aluminum and potassium salts. It is often used as a natural deodorant because of its antibacterial and anti-odor properties. Alum stone is also known for its astringent, haemostatic and antiseptic properties.

    There are several manufacturers of alum stones, which offer products of varying quality. Some manufacturers use natural alum stones, while others use synthetic or chemically treated alum stones. It is important to check the quality and provenance of the alum stone before purchasing it, as some cheap alum stones can be treated with harmful chemicals.

    Among the best known aluminium stone

    ARTALEP -  - Alum Stone
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    ... manufacturers are:

    Osma Laboratories, Alun Stones, Crystal Body Deodorant, Cattier Paris, etc.

    These manufacturers offer a variety of alum stone products, including deodorant sticks, deodorant creams, deodorant powders, etc.

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