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    Double oven - Cookers

    A double oven stove is a kitchen appliance that is equipped with two separate ovens, usually located one above the other. This configuration offers great versatility by allowing two different dishes to be cooked at different temperatures at the same time, which is especially useful when preparing complete meals.

    Dual oven cooking styles:

    Built-in double oven cookers: These cookers are designed to be recessed into kitchen cabinets and offer a sleek, integrated look. They are ideal for modern kitchens.

    Stand-alone double oven ranges: These ranges are self-supporting and can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without the need for special

    ... installation. They are available in a variety of styles, from traditional to more contemporary models.

    Dual induction cookers: These cookers use induction heating technology for precise and fast cooking. They are energy efficient and offer great responsiveness.

    Dual Gas Oven Ranges: Gas stoves offer precise heat control and are popular with professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

    Electric double oven ranges: These ranges use electric heating elements for an even distribution of heat. They are easy to clean and maintain.

    Double Wood Oven Ranges: Some double oven ranges are designed to run on wood, adding a traditional dimension to the kitchen while providing great versatility for cooking.

    Some well-known European manufacturers of double oven ranges:

    Bosch (Germany) 

    Siemens (Germany) 

    Smeg (Italy) 

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