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    Clothes drying fan - Various equipment

    Dryer fans, also known as air extractors or dryer vents, are essential components of dryer systems.

    Dryer fan styles:

    Dryer fan with external exhaust: This type of fan is designed to evacuate hot and humid air directly outside the house, usually through a ventilation duct or a fireplace specially designed for this purpose.

    Condensing dryer fan: Condensing dryers do not need an external air outlet. They use a heat exchanger to condense the water vapor into water, which can be discharged via a drain pipe or collected in a tank.

    Internal exhaust dryer fan: This type of dryer evacuates hot

    ... and humid air inside the house. They are less common and usually require internal ventilation to evacuate moisture.

    European manufacturers of dryer fans:

    Electrolux (Sweden): Electrolux is a Swedish company that manufactures a range of household appliances, including dryers equipped with high-quality fans.

    Bosch (Germany): Bosch, based in Germany, offers dryers equipped with high-performance dryer fans, designed for maximum energy efficiency.

    Miele (Germany): Miele is a German manufacturer of high-end household appliances, including dryers with efficient dryer fans.

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