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    Shoe dryer - Various equipment

    Shoe dryers are devices designed to quickly and effectively dry shoes, especially those that are wet or damp. They are especially useful in humid climates or for outdoor activities where shoes can become wet.

    Shoe dryer styles:

    Electric shoe dryers: Electric shoe dryers are the most common. They use warm air to dry shoes. These devices are equipped with tubes or air ducts that are inserted into the shoes, allowing hot air to circulate and remove moisture. Some models can accommodate several pairs of shoes at once.

    Air circulation shoe dryers: These shoe dryers use natural air circulation to dry

    ... shoes. They are often less energy-intensive than electric models, but the drying process can take longer.

    Shoe dryer with UV disinfection: Some shoe dryers are equipped with UV-C lamps to disinfect shoes while drying them. This can help eliminate bacteria and odors.

    European shoe dryer manufacturers:

    Peet Dryer (UK): Peet Dryer is a UK company that manufactures high quality electric shoe dryers. Their Original Peet model is well known for its efficiency.

    DryGuy (Norway): DryGuy is a Norwegian brand that offers a variety of heated and air-circulating shoe dryers suitable for outdoor activities.

    Funky Yeti (UK): Funky Yeti is a British company specializing in outdoor equipment, including shoe dryers.

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