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    Ice mold - Cooking preparation

    An ice cream mold, also called a popsicle mold, is a container designed specifically for making ice cream or eskimos at home. These molds allow you to create personalized frozen treats using fruit juices, smoothies, yogurt, syrups, and many other ingredients.

    Ice molds are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, providing great flexibility to create delicious and refreshing homemade ice creams.

    Ice Mould Manufacturers in Europe:

    Tovolo: This brand offers a varied range of ice molds, including models with fun shapes and innovative features.

    Lékué: Once again, Lékué, a Spanish brand, offers a range of silicone moulds

    Silikomart -  - Ice Mold

    The new ice-cream moulds by Silikomart make freshness concrete. The new flower-shaped ice-cream ...

    11.90 € approx.
    Silikomart -  - Ice Mold

    The new moulds' line for decoration, all made in silicone, allows to make preparations in ...

    ... to create homemade ice creams.

    Zoku: This brand offers ice molds with original designs and options to create ice cream quickly.

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